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96632643 ORUS 1L50-827 BPS CL1 BOL ST-WB GYAn innovative LED Bollard mounted low level road lighting lantern incorporating Flat Beam® technology. 1 LED driven at 500mA. Equipped with 50% power reduction circuit, effective 3 hours before and 5 hours after a calculated midnight. It can be deactivated at installation with an easily accessible internal switch. Street optic, with baffle, reaching lighting standards at 0.9m mounting height. IP66, IK10, Class I electrical. Housing: die-cast aluminium, powder coated textured light grey 150 (close to RAL9006) (close to RAL9006). Enclosure: UV stabilised polycarbonate protected against graffiti and with extra scratch resistant treatment. Fixings: stainless steel, Ecolubric® treated. Complete with 2700K LED.Due to the unique calculation requirements of this product the photometric data is not provided here but design advice may be obtained from your local representative.Dimensions: 474 x 453 x 855 mmWeight: 22.4 kgLuminaire input power: 21 W

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